Flight Delays


Flight Delay Monitoring: Airport Cabs Uk monitor flight delays if your flight but can only accommodate delays up to a maximum of 45 minutes.
Our Commitment: We make every effort to accommodate our customers impacted by flight delays above 45 minutes, but please note that we do not guarantee a pick-up due to our company’s operational capacity at that time.
Booking Cancellation: In the event of a flight delay exceeding 45 minutes, we reserve the right to cancel your booking if we are unable to accommodate your delayed pick-up. Please understand that we cannot be held legally responsible in such circumstances.
Additional Charges: Firstly we offer if your flight is delayed for any circumstances then we will update your transfer time .But in case of any other reason . driver will have to wait for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes customer will have to pay additional charges.

Important Information:

  • We recommend notifying us of any flight delays as soon as possible to help us better manage your booking.
  • Our ability to accommodate delayed pick-ups is subject to our operational capacity at the time of the scheduled pick-up.
  • Please ensure you review and understand our refund policy regarding flight delays.
  • For further assistance or clarification, please contact our customer service team
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