Refund Policy

Cancellation Process:

To cancel a booking, you can conveniently do so online through our website or by sending an email to our customer service team , otherwise You can Call on our Contact number provided on homepage.

Refund Guarantee:

We offer a refund for bookings as long as a minimum of 3 hours’ notice before the scheduled pick-up time is provided. This allows us to accommodate changes or cancellations effectively.

No Refund Policy:

Please note that the following circumstances do not qualify for a refund:
  • Non-Appearance: No refund will be issued if the passenger does not show up for a pre-paid journey. It is essential to inform us if you are unable to make the scheduled pick-up.
  • Insufficient Notice: If a booking is cancelled with less than 3 hours’ notice provided, no refund will be issued. We require sufficient time to adjust our operations and accommodate other passengers.
  • Uncontactable Passenger: In the case of pre-paid journeys, if the passenger cannot be contacted at the scheduled pick-up time, no refund will be issued. It is crucial to be available and reachable to ensure a smooth and timely service.
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